Anti Skimming

This writing includes informations about Anti Skimming in ATM world,the features and advantages of the best Anti Skimmer DGI system,and includes warnings for ATM users,clients while informing about ATM Security.

In developing and globalising world, we as human beings have been facing new technologies.And designing,forming and financing these new technologies push people to create new tools.In this writing, we will mention one of these tools and consider espically one important part of this tool that is known by most of the people.This tool is ATM.And we will generally talk about ATM security.Preventing skimmings and fraud is not an easy feat by manually.Because there are many tactics used by cheaters to fraud and to skim by copying cards with some different kinds of devices.Three kinds are known that cheaters have been using.These three kinds: Digital Skimming,  Analog Skimming,Stereo Skimming.Digital Skimming is a skimming type that is done by using illegal card readers.Analog Skimming is a recent skimming type that is done by recording the card datas as anagol signal.Stereo Skimming is a skimming type that is done by operating two closely positioned magnetic reader heads in tandem. All skimming methods are known by DGI.DGI-Anti Skimming System is developed to prevent these skimming methods and to protect the clients using ATM effectively.The DgiWorks Anti Skimming System developed against card skimming,operates during the insertion and exit of magnetic card,stops a possible skimming risk and provides a maximum ATM Security.All other detection systems have some inadequacies such as being unable to stop recording at data at the point where the card is halfway ejected and when the user pulls the card out.But DGI-Anti Skimming system is more advantageous than other ATM Anti Skimming systems.These advantages: DGI,is suitable and developed for any  upgrades necessary so there is not a need to modify DGI System for new kinds of cheating methods.DGI,provides clients not to pay extra money for new main control units.DGI is an professional Anti Skimmer that is identifying card entry and exit correctly and while it is easy to install,it works with  motorized and dip card readers.Presenting a lower cost with respect to its competitors DGI  is also one of the greatest ATM Anti Skimming system that can compete with all brands and model ATMs avaliable on the market.There are also many distinctive features of is an ATM Anti Skimming system whose signals are produced making impossible to be sampled and  whose card enty module is custom built preventing standart skimming devices.And its card entry modules are designed to accommodate any type of detection sensors so all skimming attacks can also be detected using sensors as well.

With these distinctive features and these great advantages of DGI Anti Skimming system, is a resource of reliabilty,fearness for all cheaters and thiefs trying to skim ATMs.It is also is a  great resource of providing ATM Security for all users besides all other devices to protect users from skimming.

Trying and using DGI Anti Skimming system will provide just benefits for all users not more !