DgiWorks Anti Skimming

DgiWorks Anti Skimming (DGI-AS) is a system which consists of a device, card entry slot, cable connections and antennas that is developed in order to prevent fraud performed by skimming (copying) cards on ATMs and Self Service Terminals.
    The system is developed relying on more than 20 years of Banking and ATM industry experience and comments and requests of clients and partners all around the world during this period.
      While developing the Anti-Skimming System, all measures are taken to protect against current copying techniques.  Competitor product weaknesses and deficiencies are considered during the development process.


Smart and Reliable

DGI AntiSkimming System (DGI-AS) is the most reliable solution against all known analog, mono and stereo skimming techniques. It is capable to sense the position and the moving direction of the card. It has a precise timing of Jamming. There is a self-control over functions and components. Any attack or hardware failure can be detected and takes the system to protection and warning mode.

Remote Monitoring & Management

DGI-AS is the smart connected Anti-Skimming System. It’s advanced communication capability provides detailed status, threat and error reporting in real time. It has 9 different status & error types. It allows remote reset, testing and alarm management settings.

Both Compatible with Motorized & Dip Card Readers

A reliable surface detection kit is available for dip card readers. High sensitivity to both metal and non-metal objects. Easy sensor calibration. Sensor & target customization for any card reader.


Easy to install with clear guidelines and video tutorials. Any field technician can install DGI AntiSkimming System in minutes. No software changes, No extra hardware requirements.

Superior Field Performance

You can Plug & Forget. Self-protection mode against external attacks andautomatic resume, No need for system calibration, Powerful antenna with high jamming power.

Multi-Vendor Solution

DGI AntiSkimming System is compatible with all different types of brands & models of ATMs or other Self Service Terminals. You may even replace the product to any other ATM in your installed base, just by adopting the cables.

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All About Skimming

How is the fraud performed?

Card information in the magnetic surface of the debit card is stolen using skimming devices. Furthermore card passwords are also taken through special mini-cameras or keyboards. Firstly, fake bank cards is prepared using this information and then withdrawals from ATMs is performed by using passwords.

  • For “card copying” type of fraud; a similar looking illegal reader is used to replace the ATM or SST’s card entry slot. This illegal reader records the card’s magnetic stripe data when the bank client uses the card
  • The look of these illegal readers cannot be distinguished from the original reader by a regular client. Some of these devices have internal cameras to obtain the client’s PIN information as well. Devices without cameras use alternate methods like external camera, fake keyboard etc. to obtain the PIN information.

Skimming TechniquesSkimming-Techniques


For  protection against illegal digital card readers; even a small corruption or change in card data renders the data meaningless and useless. This makes the reader think that no data was read and thus the illegal copying is prohibited.

  • A “jammer” type of anti-skimming system easily acts against DIGITAL SKIMMING


The “ANALOG SKIMMING” method developed by within the last few years, cheaters can copy card data. In this method, the magnetic stripe data on the card is recorded as an analog signal, which is later processed by specially designed software and translated into card data.
Anti-skimming systems with insufficient jammer effect;  can’t stop the “ANALOG SKIMMING” fraud.

  • DgiWorks AntiSkimming System (DGI-AS) is perfectly effective against this method.


In this recent but yet undetected method; it is rumored that, two closely positioned magnetic reader heads operate in tandem, in this method’s illegal readers. One of the heads records the jammer’s noise, while the other records the card data distorted by the noise of jammer. Later, specially designed software helps process these two recordings and extract the card data.

Although theoretically possible, we don’t think this “STEREO SKIMMING” method is actually used. However, as stated earlier, this method is accepted as a threat in related circles assumed to counteract the effects of jammer based anti-skimming devices.

  • DgiWorks AntiSkimming System (DGI-AS) is designed to be effective against this method as well.

Inadequacies of other Detection Methods

  • All other measures outside the jammer technique, allow protection during the insertion and ejection of the card; but can’t stop recording of data at the point where the card is halfway ejected and when the user pulls the card out.
  • Methods which rely on illegal reader sensors and detectors also fall short and can’t achieve the desired results.
  • Since illegal card readers are getting so small that they can be placed in the card input slot or within the ATM/SST in an indistinguishable way; the video imaging methods are not safe anymore.


DgiWorks AntiSkimming System (DGI-AS)

The card skimming devices read the magnetic stripes using magnetic heads. The read data is recorded on the device and later written to another card, thus cloning the original card identity.
  • The DgiWorks Ant iSkimming System, which is developed against card skimming, operates during the insertion and exit of magnetic card  and stops a possible illegal card skimming device  from reading the magnetic stripe data.

DGI-Works Anti Skimming System

ADVANTAGES of  DgiWorks AntiSkimming System (DGI-AS)

Distinctive Features

  • DGI-Works Anti Skimming System’s signals that prohibit copying are produced using a propriety technique and cannot be sampled. (The recorded signal cannot be separated)
  • DGI-Works Anti Skimming System’s card entry module is custom built. This stops standard skimming devices to be used.
  • DGI-Works Anti Skimming System’s card entry modules are designed to accommodate any type of detection sensors. Thus, all skimming attacks can also be detected using sensors as well.

Anti Skimming System Advantages

  • “DGI-AS Main Control Unit” is designed to be suitable for any upgrades necessary. The upgrades can be made without modifying the “DGI-Works Anti Skimming System Main Control Unit”.
  • The optional or future features can be applied thanks to the “Extension slot”. Clients won’t spend extra money for new/modified main control units.
  • Absolutely identifies card entry and exit correctly.
  • Works with “dip” and “motorized” card readers.
  • It can automatically revert back to normal mode, after errors are eliminated. (No need for reinstallation)
  • Has a clear “operation” and “fault” backlit LCD display.
  • Any development can be performed without changing the main control unit.
  • Monitoring, software updates and configurations may be performed through remote connection.
  • Is easy to install.
  • Additional service is not required in cases of card reader faults or replacements.
  • Because it only works during card insertion and ejection; it has longer operation life and less failure risks.
  • Is lower cost with respect to its competitors.
  • Is compatible with all brand and model ATMs available on the market.
  • Has a 2 year warranty period, with optional extended warranty.


Frequently Asked Questions”  of   DgiWorks AntiSkimming System (DGI-AS)

How does DgiWorks Anti-Skimming System (DGI-AS) work?

DGI-AS has been designed after a long R&D studies considering current skimming techniques/devices and new that may occur in the future skimming techniques/devices at the design stage. In DGI-AS, it has two antennas. These two different antennas, are each independently, are produced random and alternating signals continuously. These signals are prepared randomly and unpredictable by the software of the system. With these two antennas used in DGI-AS that made special jamming signal, is provided maximum protection against to analog and stereo skimming techniques.

Can it work with all brands of ATMs & SST?

Yes. DGI-AS is compatible with all ATM and Self-Service Terminals. Custom cable sets are available for each model of ATMs & SSTs. antennas, are each independently, are produced random and alternating signals continuously. These signals are prepared randomly and unpredictable by the software of the system. With these two antennas used in DGI-AS that made special jamming signal, is provided maximum protection against to analog and stereo skimming techniques.

How will DGI-AS be remotely monitored?

DGI-Works Anti Skimming System can be remotely monitored and managed. This communication is provided via USB connection to the ATM computer. DGI-Works Anti Skimming System uses “HID” USB driver. Therefore there is no need for a special driver. Our Windows Service Program is installed to ATM Computer. This program is in contact with DGI-Works Anti Skimming System in real-time. Consisting of all errors are recorded in the predetermined LOG files or transmitted to the monitoring system used by the Bank. If necessary, Banks can do certain tests remotely on DGI-Works Anti Skimming System.

Once installed and in service on one ATM/SST brand/model, can it be later installed on a different model/brand and service?

Yes, your investment is always safe and secure. All that is required when installing DGI-AS in a different ATM/SST, is to replace the cable set and update the firmware if needed.

Will your Anti Skimmig System cause problems to the normal operation of the ATM/SST it is installed in?

No, it will not. DGI-AS creates jamming during card insert or reject period, there is no interference to card reader or any other module. More than 20.000 of our system are working on many different brand and model without any problem.

Is your Anti-Skimming System harmful to the human health?

No, it is not. DGI-AS has an ESIM Certificate and CE document. The unit is completely safe. DGI-AS broadcasts its jamming signal in a very low frequency (KHZ) and is designed to affect only the fraudulent skimming devices in a secure radius.

How is your system powered? Does it have an external power supply?

No, DGI-AS is powered from the ATM/SST.

Does it overload the ATM/SST power supply?

No, the system consumes very little power.

Can your system be bypassed by external attempts?

DGI-AS has a smart and unique jamming technology. It is almost impossible to bypass it with known techniques of analog, digital or stereo skimming.

Can it be monitored with all the operating systems?

Yes, it can be monitored with all the operating systems.

Can it be configured and/or be customized according to customers’ needs?

Yes, it can be fully customized if required. Our engineers are dedicated to continuously develop and improve DGI-AS in line with our customers’ needs.

Some photographs from the Production and R&D department

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